Sarah Tawse

Personal Injury

I chose to specialise in claimant personal injury because I want to represent people who need my help at a difficult time in their lives.  It’s important to me that the work that I do makes a real difference to someone.

At the end of my period of legal training, the only department where I felt that I’d made a real difference was personal injury.  It was a privilege to be part of the support network that a client needed after an injury.

After qualifying in 2003, I spent six years in the personal injury team at a large South West practice before taking a brief career break to have my two children.  I have returned to personal injury as I still feel the same passion to represent those who are the victims of negligence.   Nash & Co have a highly successful and experienced team of specialist lawyers who really care about their clients.  It’s great to be working as part of such an effective team.

First-hand knowledge

In February 2002 I met my now husband.  Three months earlier, he’d suffered a life changing injury due to an unprovoked attack whilst out with friends in Bristol.  He had a screwdriver put through his left eye causing a complete and inoperable loss of sight in that eye.

I was a trainee solicitor at the time, and I was appalled by what he had gone through.  In a split second, his life had completely changed.  He was only 24 and was in the middle of his training to be a Royal Navy pilot, a career that he’d dreamed of since childhood.  Sadly, due to his injuries, he was medically discharged and was unable to serve in any of the Armed Forces.  This was a devastating blow which left him without a job and with a restricted future career path.  I experienced the short and long-term consequences that an injury can have on someone, and I wanted to use this experience and the empathy to support others in a similar position.

The implications of an injury can be far reaching, and they affect not only the person who suffers the injury, but their wider family too.  My personal experience means that I really understand the needs of my clients and their loved ones.  I understand the potential long-term effects and I ensure that consideration is made for this.

For a client, focusing on recovery and rehabilitation is paramount.  Often the focus is on the NHS to provide that support.  However, an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can facilitate additional support via the claims process which the NHS can’t offer.  Most people think that a personal injury claim only leads to a financial settlement at the end of the claims process.  However, we can arrange private rehabilitation support, private medical treatment and many other services which are sadly not always available under the NHS.

My aim is to support my clients to return to their pre-accident position as soon as possible and as much as possible. Life after an accident can be very frustrating and progress can be slow and demoralising.  My aim is to make the injury claim as smooth as possible.  I strive to be a reliable source of information and an effective communicator.  I know how important it is to call when I say I’m going to.  I wish injuries didn’t happen, but when they do, I want claimants to receive the best service possible and get the best result in the circumstances.

Please, email me or call me and let me try to help.

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