How we are helping you with moving house

Category: Residential Property

There aren’t many areas left untouched by the Coronavirus, including moving house. As with many people, our conveyancing colleagues are working at home as much as we can. We are finding that our mobile phone conveyancing app is proving invaluable in keeping our clients up to date and progressing matters swiftly. We want to progress your conveyancing transaction to the point where we are ready to exchange contracts.

mobile phone app

At that point we will hold off until we are in a position where we know we can aim for an agreed date on which you will be able to complete.

The best way forward

We as a conveyancing community have agreed that the best way forward is to aim as much as possible, to exchange and complete on the same day. This would be a simultaneous exchange and completion, even where there are several parties in the chain. Everyone would aim to complete on the agreed date and put their arrangements in place.


The reason for this is to protect you, and other parties in the chain, from possibly finding yourselves in the position where you are in breach of contract, through no fault of your own. This could happen where you had agreed a completion date, exchanged contracts, and then the lockdown becomes even tighter. You would be unable to complete your sale or purchase and financial penalties could be applied. This might include the loss of your deposit and other additional costs.

Where contracts have already exchanged, and completion is unable to take place, we are working with our clients and other conveyancers, to agree an alternative completion date. All parties are expected to ‘act reasonably and in good faith’ in their coming to an alternative arrangement in order to minimise further anxiety and distress.

Latest Advice from Government

The latest advice from the Government is that moving house can take place if the property is empty and if you are arranging your own move. If other, already exchanged, moves go ahead, then to avoid contact with the other parties. Keep the recommended 2 metres distance and practise good hygiene.

We are following the Government’s Guidelines on a daily basis and, whilst we are endeavouring to carry on ‘business as normal’, we are clearly not in normal times. We are in very uncertain times and we appreciate that this can only add to the pressure you may experience during your house sale or purchase. 

I have attached a link to the guidelines published by the Government on 26th March, which you may find very helpful. Just click the graphic below:

Contact us if you have any questions

If you have any queries or concerns arising from anything here or your sale or purchase, please do contact either Julia Ludlow by email at [email protected] (or call 01752 827069) or Rhiannon Moore at [email protected] (or call 01752 827078) from our Residential Property team, and we will be happy to help. Please note you can still return any of your signed documents by post and these are being received on a daily basis.