Management Buyouts

As highly experienced Corporate Lawyers, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide legal advice on management buyouts.

Whether you’re looking to sell your stake in a business or you’re part of a management team looking to make an acquisition, Nash & Co Solicitors can support and advise you every step of the way.

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Management buyouts – what are they and how we can help

A management buyout (or MBO) is the term used to describe the process involved when a management team purchases all or part of a business from its present owners.

Buyouts are an exciting and often lucrative opportunity, but they can also be highly stressful and time consuming. As these kinds of transactions can be highly complex, it’s crucial to find a law firm with significant Corporate Law experience to guide you through the process. The interests of the sellers, investors and the purchasing management team need to be managed and balanced, which where our Corporate Lawyers can help.

We have the skills and experience to manage and advise our clients on all aspects of management buyouts, including:

  • Draft restrictive covenants
  • Negotiate terms
  • Negotiate warranties
  • Provide employment advice
  • Advise on conflicts of interest
  • Prepare the share purchase agreement
  • Prepare the investment agreement

We have worked with business of all sizes to help facilitate a smooth MBO process. From private equity firms and venture capitalists to limited companies and PLCs, our team have a breadth of experience.

Why choose Nash & Co Solicitors?

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Management buyouts need careful project management, whichever side of the deal you are on. You need lawyers and accountants who know exactly what they are doing, and how to get things done. You’re under time pressures, and likely to have a lot of other things competing for your attention. We understand what you’re going through. You’re running a business day to day and trying to complete what may be the most important commercial deal of your life. Using our experience, we will work with you to ensure a streamlined process at a fair cost.

We have a significant breadth of experience of acting for both sides of management buyouts – those buying, and those selling. Our network of contacts with accountants and corporate finance providers keeps us at the forefront of emerging trends that are of key importance to the buyout. We’re well respected, both in the industry and the local area. By using our reputation, contacts and experience, we’re able to steer you through the complex procedures involved.

We have a huge amount of experience across the firm. We’ll draw on expert advice from our other teams to ensure that you get the very best advice and support. This will come from a wide range of areas – property, employment, commercial and intellectual property.

We also work well with accountants and other professional services firms. This guarantees that you get the very best advice from your support team during the buyout. We’ll spend time with you, so that we get to know the deal inside out. This means we can properly navigate the correct path for the deal.

Find out more

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