Joint Ventures

Whatever the reason for pursuing a joint venture, our team of Corporate lawyers ensure that our clients’ commercial interests are protected and their risks are alleviated.

How can we help you?

The perfect joint venture creates additional value beyond the two partners, leaving a long term legacy and commercial returns that would have been difficult to achieve without the venture itself. Our Corporate team will spend time with you in order to fully understand your objectives. We can then help to structure the most appropriate deal for you and your joint venture partners, at the same time cutting through any complexities involved.

Our experience is key

Our experience in these situations is vitally important – we know what is likely to work and how we can drive the best return for the partners. Our experience and technical abilities mean that we will completely tailor the structure and documents to your needs rather than having to rely on an off the shelf package that may not be best for all concerned. You’re unique, your businesses are unique, so you can’t ‘shoe horn’ a joint venture into a structure that hasn’t been created with the partners in mind.

How do we work?

Our Corporate team is pragmatic in its approach, highly experienced, and is completely client focused. We’ll help you select the best vehicle for your joint venture. This could be one of the following:

  • A company created for the new joint venture agreement. This is often known as a Special Purpose Vehicle company (or SPV) and is the most common structure with each party holding shares in the SPV
  • A collaboration agreement – this does not involve the creation of a new vehicle
  • A Partnership or limited liability partnership (LLP)

The team will also help you consider the equity structure, the management of the joint venture, asset protection, financial obligations and exit arrangements.

Please contact Austin Blackburn or one of the Corporate Team on 01752 827125 or email him on [email protected]. You can also request a call back by completing our contact form.