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Has your loved one has passed away without a Will Perhaps you’ve come across something in their estate that you’re unsure of? If this is the case, then our team of expert probate solicitors can help. Perhaps you’ve been appointed as an executor or a beneficiary? There’s often a lot of legal paperwork to contend with. This can often feel daunting, particularly if you’re not familiar with the probate process.

Here at Nash & Co Solicitors, we’ll work with you to help you to understand the conditions of the estate. And we’ll put your mind at ease during this difficult and stressful time.

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Estate Management advice

If you’re wondering “What is probate?”, then we can assure you that you’re definitely not alone! This is a question we get from a lot of our clients, so we’re always happy to provide some clarity.

The process of dealing with someone’s estate when they die is called Probate. This typically entails clearing any debts they may have had and dividing their assets. It also enacts their wishes, as detailed in their will. If probate’s contested, or there is no Will, the process is certainly more complicated.. If you need to seek advice on intestacy rules, please contact our team of probate solicitors.  

You can find out more about what Probate is and how it works by clicking on the image below.

How we can help

We know that following the loss of a loved one, things will be stressful and probably quite overwhelming. With so many different things to think of and time often in short supply, estate administration can just add to the stress you’re already going through. It’s also something that you really need to pay a lot of attention to and get right. This is where our team of legal professionals and probate specialists can help you.

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We offer a free service, where we’ll explain the contents of a Will to the family. Whether it was Nash & Co Solicitors or another law firm who prepared the Will, we will honour this offer. It allows us to explain what it says and establish whether there’s a need to apply for probate. For straightforward cases, we offer a fixed fee service. For more complicated estates, we’ll agree on a budget with the client upfront and we’ll stick to that. No one needs a surprise bill coming out of the blue, especially at times like this.

“Losing a friend or loved one is a difficult time and it’s unfortunate that during this challenging period you are often confronted with a mass of documentation to deal with that relates to their estate. We use our experience and specialist knowledge to help you with both the technical and practical aspects of estate administration.”
David Cornelius, Partner

Why choose Nash & Co Solicitors?

Our probate solicitors have handled a large number of estates over the years. They work on everything from modest estates comprised of a small property and a single bank account, right up to large and complicated estates with property portfolios, overseas assets and multiple investments. With decades of experience in probate law, we have the skills and expertise to assist all clients.

We tailor our estate administration services to suit our client’s exact needs. We can negotiate with HM Revenue & Customs on questions about inheritance tax on our client’s behalf, as well as highlighting and explaining potential ways to mitigate tax and providing practical advice on complex situations. This includes issues such as dealing with cross-border estates. Wherever possible, we’ll seek to avoid costly and time-consuming probate litigation.

Contact us

Our team of probate solicitors are understanding and approachable, providing a service that’s personal and professional. If you need legal advice or simply have some questions regarding the administration of an estate, please contact us. It can be a complicated and stressful process to go through without any help. We’d strongly suggest you talk to us as early as possible.

You can reach our team on 01752 827076 or by filling in our contact form to request a callback. Alternatively, you can email David Cornelius ([email protected]) to discuss your requirements and ask any questions you may have. We’re always here to help.

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