Social Services and Your Children

If social services have become involved in your family life, it can be stressful, frightening and overwhelming. Many families feel helpless, so it’s important to have someone on your side to help you through this difficult time.

Here at Nash & Co Solicitors in Plymouth, our family law experts are on hand to support and guide you through the process. If you’ve been affected by care proceedings, have had your children removed from your care or are being investigated as a result of allegations or injuries, we can provide legal advice and representation. Our team of family law solicitors are members of the Law Society’s Children’s Panel and have decades of experience in working with parents and children who are involved with social services.

“Safeguarding and Child Protection remains a priority across the whole of society. Children’s welfare, both mental and physical, can be compromised at school, in the community and by parents, siblings and other adults in the home. Any person, public or professional, can make a request to the local authority or the police to intervene to support or protect a child”.
Helen Bull, Partner

How can you help me?

If you have Parental Responsibility or a duty of care for the child and if social services are concerned about your child’s welfare and care in your home, you may need to contact us. If the matter is serious and the Local Authority (council) wishes to take the matter to court, where a Judge will decide on the care of the children, you will be eligible for free legal advice in the form of Legal Aid. Please do not panic, whether you are a couple or a single-parent family, Nash & Co Solicitors can assist you at any point of the Court process, including any pre-proceedings work.

Should this happen to you or your family – whether you are a parent, grandparent, or another family member – it is vital you receive expert legal advice as soon as possible. We are an experienced firm of solicitors that deal with social services, and many other public services and bodies on behalf of our clients. Our family lawyers can help you in these uncertain times.

What else do I need to know?

We all have a responsibility to protect children and we are encouraged to report possible abuse, but not all reports are substantiated. Whilst the majority are made in good faith, some reports can be malicious in nature and completely fabricated. If you are in any doubt about what to do or how to handle the intervention from social services, please contact us. We can also help you prepare for any meetings or hearings, giving you and your family the best chance of staying together. We can advise you further regarding obtaining Legal Aid if you are a parent or person without parental responsibility but need to be involved in the proceedings.

What should I do now?

While child protection is a priority, for many it can be very hard to seek advice and help following an intervention from social services. We will do our level best to assist you in any way that we can, and this help starts with a conversation. So please just pick up the phone and contact Helen Bull on 01752 827024 or one of her team. Helen’s email address is [email protected].

We know that this may be difficult time for you and your family and that is why we have a team of lawyers who have considerable experience; people who will listen and who understand the sensitivities.

Legal 500Nash & Co provides ‘impeccable business acumen and response times’ and a ‘very much client-focused' service. Covering the full range across finance and public and private children's law, the team has niche expertise in cases involving domestic abuse. Helen Bull is ‘approachable and knowledgeable’ and 'an excellent advocate who consistently works hard to find practical solutions’..