Personal Injury Client Stories – Mr. C

Client receives 6 figure compensation after suffering with 47% burns following an accident at work 

After an electrical explosion at work, our client has received a 6 figure sum of compensation, after receiving help from Michael Shiers and our personal injury team.

Mr C had been working on an engineering project regarding the renewal of High Voltage electrical cables, and his job required digging down above high voltage cables. Despite requesting for the power to be turned off, it was deemed to be “too inconvenient” and  Mr C was told to go ahead and use a jackhammer. What our client did not know is that the marking board showing the location of the cables was not present, and so the cable was much nearer to the surface than it should have been. The tool came into contact with the cable causing a massive electrical explosion causing Mr C very severe burns.

Mr C’s Injuries

Mr C was kept in an induced coma following the explosion, due to the severity of his burns. He suffered with 47% burns, a bleed on the brain, loss of muscle mass and PTSD as a result of the accident.


The head of our personal injury team, Michael Shiers said “Mr C suffered significant life changing injuries, and as a result had significant financial losses during his recovery. It was our aim to be able to help Mr C and his family receive compensation for the physical and financial losses they suffered. As well as Mr C being unable to work due to his injuries, Mrs C had to leave work to help care for Mr C. We were able to help Mr C secure an interim payment to help him and his wife financially throughout his recovery.”

More often than not, our clients will be concerned about making a claim, as they worry that  their compensation will come directly out of their employer’s pockets. This is very rarely the case, as it is a legal requirement for employer to have the mandatory Employer Liability Insurance.  Mr C’s employers had the mandatory insurance, which meant that it was dealt with by their insurers rather than his employers.

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