Personal Injury Client Stories – Mrs C

We obtained £42,500 in compensation for a client following a head-on collision road traffic accident. She suffered from severe neck pain and the loss of her sense of taste and smell.

Marie Oxland from our specialist Personal Injury team oversaw a £42,500 compensation claim for a Cornish lady. Mrs C had a head-on collision accident that had a serious impact on her day-to-day life.

What happened?

Mrs C was driving along a winding country road. She drove around the corner, when the Defendant, approaching from the opposite direction, lost control of their car and drove headlong into her car. The vehicles were not traveling particularly fast, but the impact caused her airbags to explode in her face.   

What were Mrs C’s injuries?

Mrs C suffered from severe neck pain following the accident. However, later, she realised this was not the only injury that she had suffered.

Marie Oxland, who represented Mrs C, says “9 times out of 10, clients who are involved in accidents will concentrate on their physical pain and not realise that they have suffered other potential injuries, such as the loss of one of their senses. Mrs C was one of these clients. She did not realise initially that she had lost her sense of taste and smell.”

How was Mrs C affected?

After approximately 3-4 months Mrs C’s husband commented on how spicy her cooking had become. It was at this point that she realised that she could not taste her food. It was not only the sense of taste, it was smell too. In the head-on collision, Mrs C’s airbags had been deployed, and she had been hit in the face with force. All she had concentrated on was her neck pain.  However, she had not realised that her sense of smell and taste had been affected as well.

How did we help?

We helped our client obtain specialist medical evidence. This confirmed that irreparable nerve damage had been caused to the olfactory nerves in her nose. In turn, this resulted in total loss of smell, and the ability to taste.

One particular occasion really frightened Mrs C. She was at her place of work, a local shop, when a customer came in and immediately asked what the burning smell was. Mrs C had been in the store alone and had not detected the smell. When they investigated, they found that one of the fridges had caught fire. If it had not been found, the the consequences could have been horrendous. Her biggest concern after this incident, was that if she had been at home alone or with her grandchildren, she would not have detected a fire.

In Mrs C’s claim for compensation, we included the cost of purchasing special devices that would detect potential hazards in her home, such as leaking gas or fires, which otherwise she would not be able to smell. After receiving her compensation, and purchasing the devices, Mrs C feels much safer in her home alone, as well as when her grandchildren visit, as she is now able to detect the hazards by using the devices.

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