Personal Injury Client Stories – Mr. C

Nash & Co Solicitors recovers £15,000 for local man, following an accident in a public place.

This client story involves an accident in a public place. Our specialist Personal Injury Team helped a local man who regularly walked his dog on Plymouth Hoe. He stopped to rest on a bench which then collapsed and he was injured. We took on his claim and recovered £15,000 compensation for him from the local council.

accident in a public place

In July 2019, Mr. C was out walking his usual route with his dog. He passed the Marine Biological Building when he decided to stop for a rest.  There are a number of park benches running along the pathway and his dog went underneath the bench.  He sat on the bench, but as he did so, it started collapsing. He managed to prevent it from falling onto his dog. However, as the bench collapsed, Mr. C fell to the floor.

Following his fall, he reported the incident to a Council gardener who was working nearby. The gardener immediately arranged for the bench to be removed. The gardener confirmed that the benches had been put in place by the local authority for use by the public.

A claim was submitted to the local authority who admitted liability. 

Mr. C’s injuries

Whilst Mr. C did not suffer life-changing injuries, he did suffer some painful injuries. His left elbow in particular required him to attend the Fracture Clinic. He also suffered a soft tissue injury to his left ankle and an injury to his coccyx. This last injury made it incredibly painful for him to sit down.

Medical evidence confirmed that the injuries were attributable to the accident. It was estimated that it would be 18-24 months before our client would return to his pre-accident condition.

accident in a public place


Mr. C consequently accepted £15,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

Marie Oxland, who acted for Mr. C said, “this accident could have easily been avoided if the local authority had regularly inspected the condition of the benches which it had installed for use by the public. The local authority would have been aware that the benches were open to the elements, given their location at the local tourist hot spot”.

Mr. C was delighted with the service he received from Nash & Co’s Personal Injury Team. He had actually used the team several years previously following an accident on a bus.

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