My move to Nash & Co Solicitors

Category: Careers

Jamie Carr, Solicitor and Team Leader with the Commercial Dispute Resolution team joined Nash & Co Solicitors as a solicitor in April 2019, having previously worked for a regional law firm in Cambridgeshire.

Working exclusively with contentious matters can, traditionally, present challenges to building lasting and effective relationships with clients. However, given the wide portfolio of services and expertise offered by Nash, the firm is very well positioned to retain clients as a full-service firm. On the one hand, this has meant our team is best placed to add value to existing clients who may have originally come to Nash for transactional services. On the other, it has made the client experience far more rewarding than I have experienced at other firms: working with established clients over a variety of different projects gives a greater insight into the work our clients do, the pressures they face and ultimately helps us to better help them.

Another important aspect, in adding value to the work we’re able to do for clients, is the size of the firm itself. Nash & Co Solicitors is large enough to be effective as the ‘firm of choice’ in the region but small enough to encourage an innovative approach to practice. The result is a proactive, dynamic environment which provides real value.

I’ve been very impressed with the level of support received at all levels at the firm. The support structure, from administrative staff to board level, is well established and a collaborative approach is encouraged. As I work within the Dispute Resolution team there is often the need for specialist input from colleagues and partners, and they have always been receptive to offering advice and providing any necessary support.

I’ve also been struck by the firm’s commitment to its staff, a large number of which have been supported in pursuing their legal training whilst working at Nash & Co. I felt this commitment first-hand on being offered the chance to head up the team in August 2019, not having had any direct practice management experience previously. My opportunity illustrates the firm’s desire to invest in its staff and the faith it’s prepared to place in them. Since taking up the role, a good balance has been struck between the support I receive and the freedom I’m given in taking the team forward. I’ve been given a wide scope for my own personal development, whilst having the time and opportunity to attract new clients and shape the type of work which our team does.

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