Nash Life - Russell Gale

Before Russell joined us, he was fed up with the same endless list of networking events that he attended. However, here at Nash & Co Solicitors, he's found a different approach.

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Russell Gale

Finance Director

“Here at Nash & Co Solicitors, we’re actively encouraged and supported to attend business development and networking events.”

Leading the active life at Nash

I joined Nash over 5 years ago as the firm’s Finance Director.

Throughout my career, I have participated in countless corporate networking events, many were boring and fruitless and many were seen as “jollies” by my former employers and/or frowned upon by my colleagues.

How refreshing it was to experience a different attitude at Nash. We are actively encouraged and supported to attend networking events and even sponsoring events!!

I have been happy and proud to “fly the flag” for the firm and to spread the gospel according to Nash – a revitalised firm, with fresh impetus, excellent lawyers and support staff and a real force to be reckoned with in the region, at work and play!


Nash have organised their own charity golf days – the last one, at the China Fleet Country Club, was a “shotgun start” so we were all able to have breakfast, play, then sit down together for the post round meal to share our stories of near misses, unbelievable luck or misfortune……with Nash staff on hand in case anyone wanted to go legal…

I enter Nash teams in charity golf days and am regularly invited to play in other teams at corporate golf days held at the many fantastic courses in the area and within an hour’s drive of Plymouth.

Quiz nights

Several of the professional firms in Plymouth run their annual quiz nights and I have often been a member of the Nash teams entered. These are always great nights out regardless of the outcome, but no better feeling than beating the other participating firms of solicitors – and of course a trophy is always acceptable.

Cycle Network

A golfer I may be but, a cyclist I was not – until I joined Nash that is..

When the idea of meeting up early in the morning to go cycling on Dartmoor with clients and potential clients, once a month, was suggested, I’ll admit that I was sceptical. However, it’s turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and successful networking events I have ever been involved with – mainly thanks to the bacon butties afterwards!

This event sparked my interest in cycling and has led to me participating in other events that some people would say I am far too old to enter. I cannot thank Nash enough for encouraging me to get involved with this event in the first place as it has opened me up to a whole new world of cycling fun.

Tour de Moor

This event involved a gruelling 32-mile mountain bike race along the sheep tracks and disused railway lines on Dartmoor – just to finish with bike and body intact is a major achievement, but we got the added bonus of a nice medal too.

The Great South West Sportive

Nash are the main sponsors of this annual road bike event, with 50, 75 and 105 mile routes – I must confess that I may have spent a little too long at the three feed stations along the 75 mile route, which were serving proper food and drink – who can resist pasties over energy bars and isotonic drinks anyway. The last push was toward the free massage at the end, which undoubtedly saved me from the embarrassment of having to crawl into work the next morning…

Newquay Triathlon

I can swim, and thanks to the Cycle Network, I can cycle, but I could be missing one… I did run the first Plymouth marathon in 1982 (aged 24) but I’ve not run since… so obviously, when my daughter asked me to support her in the Newquay Olympic Triathlon, I opened my mouth and said “I’ll have a go!”.

So my challenge was a 1,500m sea swim, followed by a 38km bike ride and finishing up with a 10km run – in my Nash kit of course.

Well, it’s safe to say The Brownlee brothers have it easy – benign lakes for the swim and flat parkland for the cycle and run. Nobody told me it would be a big swell and waves, Cornish hills and valleys for the cycle and up and down cliffs for the run.. I wasn’t quite prepared for that!

Nobody will remember who came second, but everyone who saw it will remember my epic LAST place…the solitary medal on the presentation table at the end was a sight to behold.

After impersonating Sir Steve Redgrave and saying “if you see me doing anything like this again, you have my permission to shoot me”, I’m looking for ideas for my next folly!

Everest base camp anyone?