Nash Life - Rhianna Greenley

"The environment and approach to work here at Nash & Co Solicitors makes it such a great place to work."

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Rhianna Greenley

Solicitor, Family Team

Rhianna joined us as a final year student from Plymouth University. The firm supported her through her training contract and she’s now qualified as a Solicitor in our Family team.

Career development at Nash & Co Solicitors

I joined Nash & Co Solicitors in July 2017 as a legal assistant within the conveyancing department. I had just finished my three-year degree studying Law at Plymouth University and grabbed the opportunity to work at Nash, which I knew was a respected law firm in Plymouth. Having lived in Plymouth for all of my life, I knew I wanted to remain working in Plymouth. I love being so close to the Barbican, the Royal William Yard and the beautiful beaches in Cornwall. Plus, working for a firm that offers free parking is always a bonus!

I began my Legal Practice Course and master’s degree in Legal Practice in September 2017 through the University of Law in Exeter. Nash was really flexible in allowing me to work part time to allow me to focus on my studies. I found that working alongside studying was really useful because I found I could relate to the practical law a lot more compared to other students who might not have had exposure in a law firm. If I had questions about a particular topic, I always knew I could ask a solicitor in the office who specialised in that area (particularly when it came to studying for the exciting business tax exam!).

During my studies, Nash & Co offered me a training contract. I felt that my view on how I wished to qualify into law was really considered by the Managing Partner – plus it made me work even harder to pass my legal practice course! I was able to have a conversation about which departments I wanted to train in because I knew that I wanted to be exposed to personal law, and this was agreed. It made me feel positive that I was able to have simple conversations with the Managing Partner about decisions regarding my training, rather than me having to complete lengthy (and sometimes irrelevant) formal applications. I began my training contract in September 2018 having received distinctions in my LPC and masters.

After training in the Wills & Probate team, Personal Injury team and Family team, it was my time to decide which area I wanted to qualify into. This was a really serious decision because it would impact on my future legal career and who I would be as a lawyer. However, I was really grateful for the support received from senior lawyers who gave me advice and guidance. I then made the decision to qualify into Family Law in September 2020 and I have never looked back!

Nash really has a community spirit and the dedication that all of the staff (not just senior lawyers) put into my training was incredible. I do not believe I would have received better training at any other law firm because I felt my training was really important to the firm. I was given a lot of opportunities to grow within my training and I believe this has made me a well-rounded lawyer. Now that I have qualified, I have realised that the training does not stop and the support that I continue to receive from my team is invaluable. I am really pleased to be a part of the Nash community and encourage anyone who is considering applying to the firm to do so!