Asset & Debt Recovery

Is your business owed money? Are you unsure of how to reclaim what’s rightfully yours? Then get in touch with our asset and debt recovery team to learn more about your options moving forwards.

Our team of commercial solicitors in Plymouth have a wealth of experience in recovering monies and assets and are on hand to help guide you through the debt collection and recovery process.

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“Our lawyers act for a wide range of clients including multinationals and regional family owned businesses, executive government agencies and in the recent past, local authorities. We take pride in giving clear, honest advice which is practical, cost effective and that helps you take control of your cash flow.”
Jamie Carr, Head of Commercial Disputes Resolution team

Debt Collection & Asset Recovery services

Running a business can be complicated, with many things to juggle at once, including your finances. Unpaid debts can impact on your cash flow. This in turn, may impact on your ability to pay your staff, creditors and suppliers. If you’re owed money from a client, supplier or contractor, it’s essential to start debt recovery procedures as soon as it becomes clear that legal intervention is required.

Our debt recovery services include:

We can work with businesses of any size to help recover assets and owed funds. We have previously worked for sole traders, SMEs, large corporations and local agencies from a wide range of sectors.

How we can help your business

Our knowledge and work with clients provides us with the experience to know the right tactic to use when pursuing commercial debt recovery – at the right time. This means that the work we do for you is both effective and good value for money.

We know that instructing lawyers to chase after a bad debt can feel like throwing good money after bad. This is why we advise you on the risks and costs benefits of taking any legal action. We’ll do this as soon as we can following instruction.

Here at Nash & Co Solicitors, we provide practical and pragmatic advice so that you can make informed decisions about the way your business works. We have vast experience in dealing with a wide variety of issues, tactics and strategies to help you achieve your goal. Our focus is on developing the right debt recovery strategy for your issue. Our team will work with you to create a commercially focused plan. This will ensure we can achieve the results you need.

What next?

Please contact Jamie Carr and the Commercial Dispute Resolution team on 01752 827014. You can find out more about our flexible, cost-effective asset and debt recovery solutions.

You can also email Jamie at [email protected] or request a call back by filling out our contact form.

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