What We Do Wednesday: Family (Matrimonial)

Category: Children, Divorce, Domestic Violence

Another Wednesday, another insight into what it is that we do here at Nash & Co. This week we are focusing on our Family (Matrimonial) team, ran by Eleanor Barber.

The Nash and Co Family Team is made up of a select group of specialist family lawyers who cover all areas of family law, including divorce and relationship breakdown, pre-marital and separation agreements, financial settlements, domestic abuse and all matters relating to children.  Every lawyer in the Family Team is a member of Resolution, the professional family law organisation with a code of conduct that encourages matters to resolve in the least contentious way possible. The Family Team Leader is Eleanor Barber, a member of the Law Society’s Children Panel, demonstrating experience and expertise in all areas of children law, as well as a Resolution Specialist for complex financial and family property matters and domestic abuse.

At Nash & Co, we understand that, as nice as we are, people generally do not want to have to see a family lawyer, because it usually means that their family situation has broken down in some way. We understand that this can be a difficult and distressing time and that family issues can cause enormous worry and upset. We are there to help and support you to reach a resolution that is in the best interests of you and your family.  We want to help you to resolve the issues and move forward positively and with the minimum distress, animosity and delay. Our view is that a good family lawyer will help you to reach a resolution without the need for Court proceedings wherever possible, and where Court is necessary to conclude matters, we will support, guide, advise and represent you, in a way that always puts you and your family first.

Have a peak back here, this time next week, for another insight into what we do!