What We Do Wednesday: Law Costs Drafting

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We’re back again with #WhatWeDoWednesday! This weekly, two-part feature opens the Nash doors and offers an insight into what each of our teams do. The second half of the feature always follows on the consecutive Friday, encouraging a warm introduction into some of the team members. This week we are focusing on Law Costs Drafting, keep reading to find out more…

Law Costs Drafting

The Nash & Co Costing Team provides a comprehensive Law Costs Drafting service for private practice law firms throughout the South West, as well as its own in-house costing. The services offered are tailored to suit the client’s requirements.

We specialise in Legal Aid Family matters and Court of Protection. We also undertake Legal Help Claims, Very High Cost Cases and Private Law claims.

All costs associated with legal representation must be met. An understanding of who is responsible for paying those costs and what liability is incurred by the individual must be assessed. This can be a very complicated process and the need of a specialist Law Cost Draftsperson is normally required.

Our Costing Team prepare bills, take the matter through the Courts, liaise with Counsel and Experts regarding their fees and prepare bills in readiness for submission to the Legal Aid Agency and obtain payment thereof which assists private practice cash flow.

The Team Leader is Janice Thomas, a Costs Lawyer of 20 years of experience, who qualified through the Association of Costs Lawyers and is regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board. The Costing team are all Costs Draftsman of considerable experience.

We will guide, advise and support you to obtain the conclusion of matters.

Make sure you keep a look out for the second part of this feature, which will be available from this Friday. If you enjoyed this #WhatWeDoWednesday insight, have a read of our previous post too!