World Homeless Day

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Today, 10th October 2020, is World Homeless Day. The purpose of today is to draw attention to the issues of homelessness within our community and to raise awareness of the opportunities available to get involved in to help in responding to homelessness.


Here at Nash & Co, we have worked with Shekinah on multiple occasions and fully support their cause and the work that they do within our community. Shekinah Misson aims to help tackle homelessness but also recognises that for many, there are complex needs which can include mental health issues, substance abuse and criminogenic behaviours that help contribute to their journey towards becoming homeless. Shekinah works with it’s partners to support those individuals in not only moving away from the streets but also to address their needs, and providing training and support to learn new skills. This gives them a better chance at finding work within the local community, and therefore a better chance of staying away from homelessness.

The Plymouth Alliance

Shekinah is a member of The Plymouth Alliance which works hard to accommodate people who are homeless in Plymouth whilst coordinating a complex needs system which will enable people to be supported flexibly, receiving the right care, at the right time in the right place. Their job became increasingly more difficult throughout lockdown with the added pressures that Covid-19 brought. Their work takes place all year round, but during lockdown it was more important than ever that people were housed, had their own rooms and were safe as part of the government’s ‘Everyone In’ initiative. This meant their work had to adapt and work in a very different way.

The Soup Run

The Soup run is a great volunteer run service which is provided within Plymouth. The demand for the Soup Run is high and is rising steadily year on year. With almost 27,000 meals served within 2019 they need support and funding from the local community to continue to provide their services. There is a very interesting research article that shows the importance that food holds in the life of a homeless person – it really highlights why services like this need to continue getting support.

What Can We Do To Help?

We are proud that members of our staff have volunteered their time to both support the Soup Run and Shekinah. Nash & Co are always looking for new opportunities to get involved with helping support these amazing services.

Now that you know more about the support available to the homeless within our community, we would like to highlight the opportunities you have to help..


Tap-to-Give is a new initiative around Plymouth which created contactless donation boxes around the city for easy donations. The contactless tap-to-give boxes give you the chance to easily donate £2 directly to nominated homeless charities in Plymouth:

  • Shekinah
  • PATH
  • Plymouth Soup Run.

They can be found at the following locations:

  • Plymouth Argyle Fan Shop
  • both the Column Bakehouses at Ocean Studio Royal William Yard
  • Devonport Guildhall
  • Plymouth Market
  • The Haberdashery Store
  • Tourist Information Office (coming soon)
  • Santander Armada Way
  • The Original Pasty House
  • Plymouth Pavillions Ice Rink

You can opt in to be a Friend of Shekinah, like we are. This is an option to join a monthly membership to help end homelessness. Memberships are open to anyone, individuals, a family, a group or organisation – everyone can join!


The are plenty of volunteer opportunities within the community where you can help tackle the homelessness in our city. Shekinah offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities. The soup run, is a completely volunteer led service, so you can apply to join the team of volunteers anytime.