White Ribbon Day

Category: Domestic Violence, Family

Thursday 25 November 2021 will see White Ribbon Day take place, this year’s theme; #AllMenCan – all men can make a difference to end violence against women.

What is White Ribbon Day?

White Ribbon Day is an annual day held on the 25th of November to raise awareness of family violence. Led predominantly by men to end male violence against women.

What can I do to support it?

Taken from the White Ribbon Day website – Some starter ideas:


Domestic abuse is something that affects families through all walks of life, all social classes and in all areas of the world. It can be a difficult topic to discuss, seek support with, and many can find taking legal steps to protect themselves. Certainly, escaping a violent or abusive relationship or family environment can, in itself, be problematic. However, that is only the start; there are legal steps that should be considered both to safeguard a person’s welfare to prevent further abuse, and to determine who will continue to live in the family home.

Additionally, sorting out finances will be something victims are not always focused on but is key. Financial control may have been part of the abuse suffered and the victim may not be clear on how the property is managed day to day. Similarly, arrangements for children of the family and safeguarding their welfare will be a paramount consideration for any Judge.

The law offers immediate protection for victims and children where it is needed and early legal advice should be sought so the right steps can be taken as soon as possible.

Likewise, if Court proceedings are not suitable or not what a victim wants, information on the options available is vital at an early stage.

At Nash & Co, we have accredited specialists who are experts in this field and can provide vital legal advice and information about the options available.  Often these situations can bring about the need for emergency action, and the Nash & Co Family Team can assist to see you quickly and give you advice and guidance on the necessary legal steps required to protect you or a family member.

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