Top 10 Tips for Increasing Productivity at Work

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We have created these Top 10 Tips to help you increase your productivity within the workplace. They are very simple changes that can be made to maximise what you can get out of your day:

  1. Give yourself time to wake up and refresh!

    Get up around an hour before you need to leave the house and refuel by having a good breakfast so that you are ready to tackle the day.

  2. Set your weekly tasks out ahead of time

    On a Monday morning schedule the rest of the week, this way you will be organised from then on.

  3. Do the most important task of the day first

    By doing this, the following tasks will seem much easier.

  4. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day

    By simply keeping yourself hydrated you will prevent unnecessary fatigue.

  5. Know when to delegate

    Believe it or not you can’t do everything, so prioritise what is most important and let others help with the rest.

  6. Know your weakness

    If you know you typically feel low or lose momentum around 4 pm, make sure you give yourself a break or a distraction before then to prevent it from happening.

  7. Take one day at a time

    As said above it is important to plan your week in advance but then you need to focus on the day and task at hand, don’t worry about what is to come tomorrow until then.

  8. Get in the zone

    Whatever suits you, this is a personal. Whether it be relaxing music or a quiet working space, find what gets you in your ‘zone’.

  9. Stick to Schedule

    Have a timer set e.g. lunch, meetings, finishing a task etc. No matter where you are, stick to your schedule because the minute you fall behind, it is a knock on affect for the rest of your tasks.

  10. Reward yourself

    Remember we are all human at the end of the day and we are motivated by rewards, for each thing you complete, give yourself a reward. This could be sweet treat, just 5 minutes on your phone or a 10-minute break outside etc. But knowing you have something to look forward to will help motivate you.