Plymouth Social Value Policy

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As some of you may be aware, Plymouth City Council have announced something called the ‘New Social Value Policy’.

What is the Policy about?

The Social Value Policy is about ‘keeping the pound in Plymouth‘. It is ensuring that our money is spent locally by the government and is being put back into the community, through companies that are doing the right thing.

How will it be implemented?

Plymouth City Council have announced that whilst price and quality will remain the most important factors in finding providers, they will now have an added focus on the following aspects:

  • Pay their staff according to the Living Wage Foundation. This is not only better for the individual and society, but it is also good for your business according to 93% of business’ that have already accredited.
Image from the Living Wage Foundation website.
  • Employs a certain number of Apprentices
  • Takes certain action to minimise environmental damage

Plymouth City Homes have also created a Social Value Toolkit. This explains the factors they consider when deciding the kind of organisations they want to go into business with.

What we think of the latest policy

As a local Plymouth firm and business we love the idea of reinvesting into our community. Here at Nash & Co, we are constantly trying to find new and better ways to improve our sustainability, help our community and to give back. This is a perfect way for other business to get involved. Helping in building the city they live and work in. Residents will also get to feel like a real part of this positive change.