Our rewilding partners

Here we highlight the organisations that are helping us to improve the situation for wildlife and nature in Beaumont Park.

We’re very fortunate to have some fantastic partners, helping with our ‘rewilding’ project. We’ve listed them below, together with some useful information about them all.

Farm Able

The Farm-Able Foundation – find their website here

The Farm-Able Foundation works with veterans and those still serving. Through their projects, they harness the proven therapeutic benefits of outdoor activity to improve wellbeing. Each personalised programme leads directly to the NHS 5 Steps to Wellbeing:

  • connecting with people,
  • being physically active,
  • learning new skills,
  • giving to others, and
  • taking notice of the world around us.

Those attending have been working especially hard to provide more opportunities for wildlife to thrive in the park. We can’t thank them enough for all their help, they’ve been fantastic. After the initial project has finished, we hope they’ll join us to help with other areas of the park!

Plymouth City Council – find their website here

We’ve been working very closely with the City Council’s gardeners Keith and Darron, and their Natural Infrastructure team. Keith has been the Head Gardener in Beaumont Park for a long time. And he knows it like the back of his hand! His knowledge of the wildlife living in the park together with the plants he has been growing there is just phenomenal. They’ve both been incredibly helpful in planning the project and we couldn’t be doing this without them.

The Natural Infrastructure team have also been enormously helpful throughout the planning of the project.

Holy Cross Primary School – find their website here

The Eco Warriors from Holy Cross Primary School have been eager to get involved with the project since the start. We’ve donated some native fruit trees to the school, and the pupils will plant them, and care for them. The pupils will also be helping with the construction (and filling) of Bugmont House (the bug house). They’ll be putting together log piles to attract more bugs and helping with the boggy pond area. It’s great to have the school and the pupils so involved. As we’ve already seen, it’s a great way to encourage children to take an interest in the world around us.

Pollenize CIC – find their website here

Pollenize has developed science-backed rewilding seed packets that support all pollinators. Our seeds benefit the most number of pollinator species (Bees, Butterflies & Hoverflies) over the longest flowering period to ensure there is plenty of pollen and nectar available.

Planting their native wildflowers is a simple yet effective way to boost local biodiversity, providing safe habitats for insects and promoting healthy food webs. Once the wildflower seeds have been planted you can upload your sowing location to seedmap.pollenize.org.uk contributing to our vital research and helping to combat pollinator/insect decline.

We recently purchased 200 packets of the wildflowers to be sewn during Autumn 2021. The pupils from Holy Cross Primary will be sewing the seeds for us!

Thank you to our rewilding partners

We hope you’ll agree that we have some of the best rewilding partners that we could have asked for. A huge thank you to them all!