Tipping the Balance

Category: Commercial, Employment, Hospitality

The Conservatives and Labour are falling over each other to show how tough they are on tips; however, as is the way with big policy announcements, the details are sorely lacking.

Most would agree that a business that simply takes all of the tips for itself is not acting ethically; however, if it incurs genuine administration costs in distributing tips, should it not be able to recover these?

Also, there has been a suggestion that tips to waiting staff should be retained purely by the waiting staff themselves; however, where does that leave the kitchen and front of house staff?  We know, from our experience, that waiting staff can be as lovely and helpful as they like but, if the food is not up to scratch or the welcome falls below par, the likelihood of a tip being left is drastically reduced.

In our view, a solution must be reached which reflects the commercial reality that a restaurant is a team effort and all members of that team should be rewarded for the team’s success.  To exclude team members from the tip pool simply because of the section in which they work would be grossly unfair and we are hopeful that the government will take this into account when developing its policy.