Why Sophi’s living on refugee rations for the week!

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From Monday 14th until Sunday 20th September Sophi Carroll, a Paralegal from our Personal Injury team will be participating in Concern Worldwide’s Ration Challenge. The challenge aims to raise money and awareness for refugees around the world who are living a nightmare. With the Coronavirus pandemic making their situation even worse, they will face devastating hunger for even longer. Sophi decided it was time to sit up and take action.

What is the Ration Challenge?

The Ration Challenge lasts for just 1 week. During the week Sophi will be restricting her diet, mirroring the food eaten by refugees camps in Jordan.

“I’ll be eating the same food, in almost the exact same quantities that would normally be distributed to Syrian refugees in Jordan. It’s going to be hard, but it really wouldn’t mean very much if it was easy to do.”

The contents of Sophi’s pack include: around 2kg of rice, 170g of red lentils, 85g of chickpeas, 400g of tinned kidney beans, 400g of flour, 330ml of vegetable oil and water.

“I can also earn rewards such as spices, chili powder, garlic powder and salt, and a singular vegetable by partaking in mini challenges.”

This year, Cornonavirus has made the ration challenge even more important than normal. Refugee camps are faced with reduced agricultural activity, disruption to supply chains and price increases for essential goods. This all means that it’s even more difficult for communities to put food on their tables.

Why is Sophi taking part?

“I saw the Ration Challenge on my newsfeed and was just shocked and heartbroken to see what the ration pack contained. This is the only food, and these are the same rations that are available to the refugees. I think we take it very much for granted that we can walk to the local shop and buy products from around the world, at almost any time of day or night. I know that I would find it a real struggle to live on those provisions.”

More than 68 million people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes — the majority of them children. More recently, more than half a million Rohingya people have crossed into Bangladesh since the breakout of violence in August 2017. Concern is trying to show that refugees are people. They’re human beings like you or I. And they’re entitled to live free of violence, discrimination and the vile racist language and abuse that they encounter daily.

“I have the luxury of being able to choose what I want to eat each day, so I decided to help raise awareness of the plight of these refugees. I decided to take part in the challenge and help raise funds for refugees and other people in crisis around the world.

My aim in this challenge is to raise awareness and highlight our common humanity. I hope I can bring awareness to the lives that these poor people live. And at the same time, help raise much needed funds to help Concern to keep working with them and doing what they’re doing.”

Where does your donation go?

All donations will go towards Concern Worldwide who are a global charity giving aid during crisis. They’re known for working to end extreme poverty and have been doing so for 50 years. They specialize in tackling hunger, and delivering life-saving and life-changing interventions to some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

The money that is raised during the challenge will not just go toward providing emergency food. It will enable Concern to supply hygiene kits and life-saving support to people who are hit hardest by the crisis.

The urban camps where the refugees are living are mostly concrete slums on the edges of towns. They are harder to reach and therefore receive less support than those in big refugee camps.

Any funds raised will go direct to supporting refugees in countries such as Syria, Lebanon, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Bangladesh. The funds will also go towards Concern’s wider work of ending hunger and extreme poverty in the world’s poorest places. 

You can follow Sophi’s journey for the week by clicking the Ration Challenge image below. You’ll be able to follow what she’s eating and how she’s finding it. And importantly, you can sponsor her for taking part.

ration challenge

“Thank you for reading this! I would really appreciate any support that you can afford to give.”