Nash & Co is a Plastics Free Pioneer as City gains accreditation

Category: News

We recently heard about an application being made to Surfers Against Sewage to gain accreditation for Plymouth to become the first City to become plastic free. The application required 50 local companies to support the application, stating what they had done to cut down on plastic use and what they would do in the future.

We’re big believers in supporting our community wherever possible, and having made some pretty big strides already in the last year – recycling increasing dramatically, cutting out all non-essential use of single-use plastic, the use of water coolers and fixed drinking taps in the kitchen, together with the aims that we have for the future – we figured the drive to make Plymouth plastic free was definitely something that we wanted to be a part of.

We had the fantastic news last week that #Plymouth and specifically #BritainsOceanCity waterfront area is the first city district in the UK to achieve Plastic Free accreditation from Surfers Against Sewage in recognition of the effort to remove single-use plastics from circulation.

This is just the first step in the delivery of Plymouth’s Plan for Plastics, and we look forward to playing an even bigger role in the future.  #WorldOceansDay #PlasticsPledgePlym