Shaken Baby & Non Accidential Injury

Social Services have a duty to investigate and to take action to protect a child whenever an allegation of physical, emotional or sexual harm is made. Non-accidental head injury (NAHI) is most commonly diagnosed in young babies where three key findings may indicate that a baby has been shaken, resulting in a serious head injury. The diagnosis of NAHI has resulted in parents and caregivers being jailed for grievous bodily harm, manslaughter and even murder. If you have been accused or you have any concerns relating to NAHI, contact us.

The consequences for a parent accused of inflicting non-accidental injuries on their child are extremely serious and it is vital to seek legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity. Medical experts use three key injuries to conclude that child abuse has taken place however, these injuries can be caused by other incidents such as accidental trips and falls.”
Helen Bull, Partner

How can you help?

At Nash & Co we specialise in representing parents who have been accused of inflicting non-accidental injuries. We have experienced Solicitor-Advocates and members of the specialist Law Society Children’s Panel who can represent you and assist you through every step of the proceedings. We will consider with you whether applications should be made for independent medical experts to re-consider the medical evidence presented by the treating doctors and will aim to reunite your family.

What else do I need to know?

Whenever a child is presented for medical attention and non-accidental is suspected, a referral will automatically be made to Social Services and usually to the Police. Social Services will also step in and care proceedings are likely to be instituted. In the first instance, Social Services will try to place your child with a relative (such as grandparents) but if this is not possible, or if arrangements are not adhered to, your child may be placed into foster care.

What should I do now?

If your child has suffered an injury which results in symptoms including drowsiness, fitting, difficulty feeding or breathing, vomiting and general irritability or you notice other changes that cause any concern; contact Helen Bull or one of her team. Helen’s email address is [email protected] or you can call her on 01752 827024.

We recognise that any injury will cause concern and that the circumstance surrounding some injuries may result in you having to answer questions that could have serious consequences; this is where we can help.