Personal Injury Client Stories – Mr. A

£220,000 in compensation for local family man injured at work in a forklift accident

Mr A was employed as a delivery driver and was collecting a delivery at the Defendant’s property. There was a forklift driver unloading products from the forklift, and Mr A went to help. Mr A turned around when suddenly he heard a shout. Next thing he knew he was trapped and crushed under the forklift products. The forklift was overloaded and had slid forward, causing the product to drop onto him and crush his legs.

Mr A’s Injuries

Mr A was taken to hospital following his severe work accident. He sustained serious life-changing crush injuries to his lower legs. He spent over a week in hospital which included treatment for an open reduction and internal fixation. His surgery was not successful and he was then required to have an external fixation applied. As both his fibula and tibia bones were fractured, Mr A’s right leg required shortening, which he has been left with permanently.


With our help, Mr A was seen by a case manager, paid for by the Defendant’s insurers, which helped Mr A with his rehabilitation needs. Mr A also was provided with a course of physiotherapy to help aid his recovery. 

Mr A was a family man with a partner and children. Following his accident, Mr A’s family helped him with personal care as well as household chores. He was concerned about not being able to pay his bills and look after his family. Luckily, Mr A was fortunate enough that his employer gave him a loan, as well as the statutory sick pay, so that he was able to pay his bills whilst he was recovering from his accident.

Our specialist personal injury team ensured that Mr A’s loan from his employers was included in his accident claim, so that he was not left out of pocket once he received his compensation.

“Financial worries after an accident more likely than not cause additional stress on the recovering Claimants and their families. It is our aim to ensure that we settle claims quickly whilst securing the best financial outcome for our clients. Whilst Mr A was fortunate enough to receive a loan from his employer, we wanted to ensure that following the accident, he was able to repay the loan to his employers without having to pay it out of his compensation for the physical injuries that he suffered. We were able to claim the repayment in his loss of earnings claim, meaning that both Mr A and his employer did not suffer any more financial burden due to the Defendant’s negligence.”

Michael Shiers from our personal injury team