Personal Injury Client Stories – Mr. S

We helped secure a multi-million pound compensation settlement for our client following a catastrophic road traffic accident. His spinal injuries were so severe that he lost the use of the lower half of his body.

Michael Shiers, head of our Personal Injury team, helped a client receive a settlement of £2.4million. This included a purpose-modified bungalow after he is left paralysed following a crash on the M5.

What happened?

Mr. S was returning home, having just finished his 13 week Army basic training. It was 7th July 2005, the day that would change his life forever. He was traveling as a front-seat passenger in the Defendant’s car. At approximately 11pm, the Defendant suddenly lost control and the car left the motorway. At this point, the car had been traveling in the fast lane, and from witness statements, it suddenly veered across all three lanes. The car took off and landed 2 fields away. Thankfully one of the witnesses was an off-duty medic. He immediately went to the aid of the Defendant and Mr. S.

How badly were the spinal injuries?

Mr. S, who was only 17 at the time of the accident, was rushed to hospital. He underwent life-saving surgery for major internal injuries. He was later transferred to intensive care and placed in an induced coma. His family members were warned that he was in a critical condition. After an undeniably tough 5 days for everyone, there was no improvement in his condition. He was taken for scans that revealed an injury to his spinal column. Specialist equipment was provided to the hospital to assist his recovery. His chance of survival, however, looked slim.

His Treatment

Despite his condition, Mr. S defied all odds and pulled through. However, he was left with life-changing injuries. Following a couple of months in hospital, he was transferred to a specialist spinal unit in Salisbury for intensive rehabilitation, where he spent his 18th birthday. He was then transferred to Headley Court, an Army hospital specialising in rehabilitation.  

A purpose-modified bungalow was part of the settlement

At the time of the accident, Mr. S was living with his parents. They, unfortunately, had no other option but to sell their house, and purchase a bungalow. It was obvious though that the bungalow needed to be significantly changed before Mr. S could return home. Following these changes, he was able to leave headley Court and return home. The bungalow and the cost of the adaptions were included as part of the settlement to accommodate Mr. S’s needs.

accident in a public place

How we were able to help

Mr. S, unfortunately, remains a paraplegic and had been discharged from the Army, unable to return. Throughout the claims process, Mr. S required help securing interim payments for rehabilitation, care needs, adaptations to his home as well as general financial losses.

Michael Shiers, who represented Mr. S said “My client has suffered catastrophic and life-changing injuries, at a very young age. He has shown incredible bravery when coming to terms with his injuries. To his dream career in the Army Logistics Core taken from him was hard for him to deal with. Although the compensation received by my client will never replace his ability to walk or make up for the losses he has suffered, we hope that the settlement amount will provide him with the best opportunities for his future.”

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