Client Stories

We’ve put together some examples of the kind of work that our specialist Personal Injury team does. These are summaries of real-life cases that we’ve worked on recently.

If you think that you may have a claim for compensation following an accident, please get in touch. Call the team on 01752 827085 and you’ll speak to one of our lawyers immediately. We won’t make you go through unqualified client advisors etc. You can also email the team at [email protected] or ask them to call you back by filling out the call back form here.

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Ash's Story

Ash was hit by a car on his way to work. Through our great reviews on Google, his partner found Nash & Co. A life-changing compensation was obtained by our personal injury team.

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Alex's Story

Alex was walking with his partner when a drunk driver hit him. He sustained multiple serious injuries and so came to Nash & Co Solicitors for support. Our personal injury team got Alex a life-changing amount of compensation.

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Helen's Story

Helen was the passenger on a motorbike when she was involved in a horrendous accident, where she suffered life-changing injuries. She came to our Personal Injury team here at Nash & Co Solicitors. We were able to help her put in place a recovery plan and at the same time, get her a six-figure compensation claim.

Our case studies

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Client receives 6 figure compensation after suffering with 47% burns following an accident at work

After an electrical explosion at work, our client has received a 6 figure sum of compensation, after receiving help from Michael Shiers and our personal injury team.

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£220,000 in compensation for local family man injured at work in a forklift accident

Mr. A was collecting a delivery from the Defendant’s property and helped another driver unload products from the forklift. This was overloaded and slid forward, causing heavy products to drop onto Mr. A, crushing his legs. We recovered £220,000 in compensation for Mr. A, and helped with his recovery.

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We recover £15,000 compensation for an accident on Plymouth Hoe.

Our specialist Personal Injury team helped a local man who regularly walked his dog on Plymouth Hoe, recover £15,000 compensation after he stopped to rest on a bench, which then collapsed, injuring him.

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Five figure settlement for local man after road traffic accident

Following what seemed like a minor rear end collision, our client was left with permanent symptoms in his neck and lower back after being hit from behind by another vehicle whilst stationary in traffic.

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Over £2million in compensation for client following catastrophic Road Traffic Accident

Michael Shiers, head of our personal injury team here at Nash & Co Solicitors, helped a client receive a settlement of £2.4million including a purpose-modified bungalow, after he was left paralysed following a crash on the M5.

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£85,000 Settlement for woman who sustains nasty fall at work

After a hard-fought claim with a welsh local authority, Marie Oxland from our Personal Injury Team secured £85,000 for her client following a fall at work which resulted in the claimant having to retire earlier than expected.

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£33,000 compensation for 22 year old who was diagnosed with severe PTSD following being knocked out of his wheelchair

We were delighted to get £33,000 in compensation for a 22 year old who was diagnosed with severe PTSD after he had been knocked out of his wheelchair by a van on a zebra crossing.

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We obtained £42,500 in compensation for a client following a road traffic accident

Marie Oxland from our specialist Personal Injury team oversaw a £42,500 compensation claim for a Cornish lady. Mrs C had a road traffic accident that had a serious impact on her day-to-day life.

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Young female Claimant receives five figure settlement for horrific burn injuries after accident at work

A 22-year-old, working as a domestic assistant in a care home, suffered full-thickness burns to her right, dominant hand from a faulty laundry press.

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£10,000 compensation recovered by Nash & Co Solicitors as they help local Plymouth lady following fall in large retail chain store

Our specialist Personal Injury team helped a local Plymouth lady, Mrs. R, receive £10,000 in compensation following a nasty fall in a large chain retail store which resulted in breaking her knee.