Armed Forces Injury Claims

The branches of our armed forces are beloved, national institutions. However, by nature, serving in the military is a dangerous job. If you’ve been injured whilst on duty (regardless of whether you were in a combat situation) or you’ve lost a loved one in a military accident, you may be eligible to claim for Armed Forces injury compensation.

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“We understand that Service Personnel may feel uncomfortable about bringing a claim against the MOD for many reasons; there can be a perception that they are a ‘non-standard’ employer or that they’re too large and some may also feel a sense of betrayal towards current or former colleagues.”
Mike Shiers, Partner

How we can help you

Nash & Co Solicitors have a team of lawyers who are experts in resolving Armed Forces injuries claims. We’ve previously worked with service personnel who were injured whilst on and off duty in the UK and overseas. Our expert team take an empathetic approach and understand the sensitive nature of pursuing a claim for your injuries.

Whether you’ve been affected by injuries as a result of lifting, manual handling or sporting activities, we can help you to claim the compensation you deserve. Our Military Injury specialists can also advise on cases relating to a wide range of matters. This includes inaccurate medical treatment, misdiagnosis, injury resulting from equipment defects or non-supply of equipment as well as the effects of vibration and noise.

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Military injury compensation claims – what you need to know

If you have served in the Army, Navy, RAF or their reservist branches and you were injured in an accident, you may be able to pursue a claim for military injury compensation.

The general rule of thumb on any claim is that the accident itself was reasonably preventable in the first place; that it happened within the last 3 years and that the fault lies with someone else – including fellow servicemen. However, exemptions to this apply. For example, if you lodge your compensation claim under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, you have 7 years to do this. If you’ve been injured as a result of an accident on a boat or aircraft, then the time limit is two years.

Armed Forces injuries include:

  • Crush injuries
  • Cold injuries (including frostbite, non-freezing cold injuries and hypothermia)
  • Heat injuries
  • Falls (including parachuting accidents)
  • Training accidents and injuries
  • Sensory loss (including partial or full hearing loss and blindness)
  • Firearms incidents
  • Fatal accidents

Your medical costs will always be considered in the Armed Forces injury compensation we seek on your behalf. Our team of expert Personal Injury lawyers will also consider the impact your accident has on the following:

  • Earnings (both civilian and service earnings will be considered)
  • Pension contributions
  • Resettlement grants
  • Bonuses and specialist pay
  • Service benefits (such as subsidised learning and accommodation)

We know it can be nerve wracking to make a claim against the MOD. However, our team are here to support you every step of the way. The MOD is renowned for looking after its personnel and where liability has been admitted compensation is usually settled as quickly as possible. The funding for settling claims for Armed Forces injuries will not affect your unit, as it comes from a separate pot of finances.

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