Payslips Reminder

Category: Employment, Personal Employment

From 6 April 2019, the following legislative changes are coming into effect in relation to payslips:

  • The right to receive itemised payslips will be extended to all workers. (There are limited exclusions such as for members of the armed forces or merchant seamen and women).
  • The number of hours worked must be shown on payslips. This is only relevant for staff whose pay varies depending on the number of hours worked. For example, overtime for salaried staff or hourly paid staff. The hours worked can be shown as; (1) a single total of all the hours worked in the pay period to which the payslip relates or (2) for greater pay transparency, the hours can be broken down into separate figures for different rates of pay.

The remedy for staff who fail to receive a payslip (or receive a payslip that lacks the required information) is to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal. If the Employment Tribunal agrees with the employee’s application, it must make a declaration to this effect and publish it on its website. The Tribunal may also order repayment of unnotified deductions made in the 13 weeks preceding the presentation of the claim. Even where the employer was actually entitled to make the deductions.