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On Thursday 16th May, Notworking Networking is coming to Plymouth!

We are a proud sponsor of THE new way to network in Plymouth – Notworking Networking. The event will be held at The Treasury and all attendees will receive not one, not two, but three G&T’s, along with Treasury nibbles. There is a strict NO PITCHING rule which makes this the event to attend.

If you are still unsure whether this event is for you then the host Chris Bentley has answered a few questions, and if this doesn’t persuade you to come, nothing will!

  1. Why should people sign up?

    Because I said so!! In all honesty, it’s a refreshing take on Networking at a great venue with a pretty decent offering included in the ticket price. We provide the environment whereby you can kick back, enjoy likeminded company and let business happen by not trying! It sounds counterintuitive but we’ve been having great success just up the road and reckon Plymouth will love it too!

  2. How do you network without pitching who you work for and what you do?

    That’s the Beauty of Notworking, its about building relationships and not ‘chasing the sale’. If you just get to know people rather than push your business at them, they will grow to like and respect you. On the back of the familiarity they are much more likely to refer you into their existing network. Depending where you do your research you are 5 to 7 times more likely to act on a referral than a direct pitch so the slow start should ultimately provide better results in the long haul!

  3. There are some games at the event, do I have to take part?

    Absolutely not if you don’t want to.. Notworking Networking is all about fun and, if being front and centre isn’t your thing, we’ll ensure that you don’t have to be

  4. What advice does Chris have for anyone coming along?

    Come with an open mind and some decent conversational topics

  5. Is it an event you can attend alone?

    We encourage individuals to come alone as you’re a lot more likely to get out and network than stay talking to your pals you come with!

  6. Do we need to bring anything along with us?

    A smile


We really hope to see you there for the newest rage for networking events!