‘No Fault’ Reform to Divorce Rules

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For years, many interested parties have been lobbying the Government to reform the existing outdated divorce law. Finally, the Government has this morning confirmed that new legislation will be introduced. The existing system dates back to the 1970’s and often requires blame to be apportioned for the relationship breakdown. This can often cause upset and hostility in situations where the breakdown of the marriage is no one’s fault; the parties simply do not wish to be married anymore. In Justice Secretary David Gauke’s announcement this morning, he confirmed that the new arrangements will remove the ‘blame game’.

The new arrangements retain the one ground for divorce which is the ‘irretrievable breakdown of marriage’. The steps of obtaining the Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute (finally dissolving the marriage), remain unaffected.

In contrast, the changes waive the requirement for one party to contest the divorce. Above all, this is a welcome reform, bringing about much-needed change.

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Gemma Stevens, Eleanor Barber and Anne Shears