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Urgent Notice:

With the new national lockdown restrictions taking effect from the 5th January, we’ve had to make a few changes to the way that we’re working.


All of our lawyers are still working as normal. However, we’re trying to minimise all face to face meetings. We can still “meet” you using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or on the phone. But if you need to arrange an appointment, please either email your lawyer, or use [email protected]. You can also call us on 01752 664444 or visit our website at for more information.

Visiting the Office

The office is still open, but we’ve closed the front door. If you need to see us, please just ring the doorbell and we’ll be there for you.

ID & paperwork

If you need to drop paperwork or ID into the office, please try and do this between 10am and midday each day.We’ve become used to working differently over the last 9 or so months. And despite the changes that we’ve made this week, we’re confident that clients won’t experience much change at all.

We’re still here to help whenever you need us. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Stay safe everyone.

If you need to visit our office

Following a thorough risk assessment, we have implemented a range of measures to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff should anyone need to visit us. This has resulted in a number of important safeguards being put in place.

  • Hand sanitisers – Please use the hand sanitisers provided in the reception and in each of the meeting rooms.
  • Face Coverings – In line with Government guidance, please ensure you wear a face covering in our office.
  • Meetings – Please ensure only those people that are absolutely required to attend a meeting, do so. Anyone who doesn’t need to be in the meeting will be asked to wait outside.
  • Pens – should you need to sign any documents during a meeting, you will be able to use a single use pen and then take it away with you after the meeting. If you would rather bring your own pen, please do.
  • Cleaning – Our meeting rooms are cleaned and sanitised after every meeting and use of the room.
  • Socially distanced – Our meeting rooms have been laid out to ensure that everyone can be appropriately socially distanced during the meeting.
  • Refreshments – We will be unable to serve you with refreshments such as teas and coffees during your meeting. Sorry. Please feel free to bring your own however.

We need to ask that you do not attend a meeting if you are currently experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms or if you have been exposed to any potential high-risk circumstances.

We really appreciate your understanding on the above points. These are all vital to ensure your safety and that of our staff. Thank you.

Request Callback

If you would like us to call you back, please fill in the form below. During normal office hours (8am-5pm) a member of our team will call you back within 2 hours. Outside these hours, we will call you back ASAP on the next working day.

Callback Request Form