How we can help you buy or sell your home

Category: Residential Property

We believe in complete transparency with our clients. We never present unexpected bills, we work very closely with clients, and provide as much clarity as possible. Legal work can often intimidate or scare people. We often find clients come to us knowing that they need to have work done. However they’re not exactly sure what the work itself entails.

One of these areas, without doubt, is conveyancing – the legal work that goes into buying and selling a house.

Process Charts

In making things easier to understand, we have produced some “process charts”, mapping out the work that needs to be done in order to buy or sell a house. This way, you’ll know exactly what you can expect from us throughout the conveyancing process.

Quote System

Earlier last year we launched our new website. Working with the designers, we took the opportunity to completely overhaul our conveyancing quote system, which gives potential clients details of exactly what they will need to pay on completion. This made our policy extremely clear: there are NEVER any hidden extra charges that some law firms add on. These often come too late in the process to do anything about. We don’t charge for photocopying, postage etc.

The quote engine can be easily accessed and gives you a complete quote, when you want it. We purposely don’t ask for your details. We want you to feel free to get the information that you need without feeling any kind of obligation. And we won’t call you back (unless you ask us to) or hassle you with spam emails. However, it sometimes helps to discuss things over the phone – you can ask us questions and we can explain various things you might not be sure of. Besides, we really value that personal connection and the chance to start building a positive rapport right from the start.


Please, do have a look at our process charts (click here) to see the conveyancing process explained in step by step detail and you can take the opportunity to play with the quote engine at the same time. It explains the situation regarding Stamp Duty and whether you need to pay it or not. And it gives you the option to select the various Government Schemes like ‘Help to Buy’, ‘Forces Help to Buy’ etc.

Our Residential Property team are highly experienced, friendly, and client focused, so if you find something that you’re unsure of, or if you want to get some answers to your questions, just give us a call (01752 827062) or email us ([email protected]). We’re all here to help.