Hospital discharge and best interests meetings 

Category: Dementia, Elderly Law, Mental Capacity

When someone goes into hospital and when they are ready to come out again and either back into the community or somewhere else is always a very stressful time.  The person and their family are very stressed about their wellbeing, because of the reason that they are unwell enough to have gone to the hospital in the first place.  This is enough stress to have to cope with, then there are the issues of what will happen next…

It all becomes a lot and often too much to cope with to think either quickly or logically.  It is also not traditionally a time to contact a solicitor, but our Hilary Cragg can help.

The discharge process

Hilary understands the discharge process, the assessments that should be done, and what might happen in the next few steps and can support the person being discharged and their family through the whole process to get the best outcome.

The discharge process should involve a consideration of the person’s best interest, but at times, healthcare professionals are looking at what is low risk. However, low risk and best interests are not always the same thing.  In knowing the person well, the family can advocate for what the person would want, but when they are under a lot of stress, this can be difficult, which is where Hilary supporting the process can help.

If the person lacks the capacity to make the decision, this is the time that a welfare attorney can make it on their behalf, but if there is no LPA in place, the family are still able to take part in the decision-making process and Hilary can support them in that process.

Personal Touch

Every person is a unique individual and so their care should be centered around them and how and where they would like to be cared for if ongoing care is the right thing.  Sometimes people just need a little support to get back to full or almost full strength, sometimes they might need more.  People’s needs change, from time to time and can change even within the day in some cases, so understanding what can happen at a time of fluctuating needs is helpful.

Whatever the situation, it is helpful to be supported by someone who can navigate the process.