Getting life back on track following a divorce

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We were delighted that Jennifer Thorne has agreed to write an article for us. For many people, getting life back on track following a divorce can be a difficult process to follow.

Going through a divorce can be one of the most traumatic events in any one person’s life. Psychology Today outlines how the severing of such an intimate relationship can manifest in hormone imbalances, an inability to think mindfully, and the development of mental illness. Much can be done to ease the passage of divorce proceedings. Not least, working with solicitors who treat your case, sensitively. However, is still very different after the annulment or decree absolute is issued. It’s of crucial importance that you try to get your life back on track. And a good way to approach that is through change.

getting life back on track

Changing your environment

One of the biggest benefits of divorce, according to Harper’s Bazaar, is the opportunity to reclaim your living space. That’s not to say that every partner is unpleasant to live with. However, there’s always a certain amount of freedom that has to be given over when cohabiting. Living on your own gives you the opportunity to redesign and reshape your living arrangements to be uniquely yours. That could mean decorating, from new wallpaper or paint through to new floors and blinds, or something more simple, like a change in fabric colour for your cushions and upholstered furniture. Either way, making some slight changes can help to make a place more ‘you’. It can also help to bring change from the marriage that was.

A sense of freedom

Karin Jones, writing for the HuffPo, talks about her experience of divorce at 50 – and how it liberated her from her day-to-day life. With everything she knew and was familiar with through the window, she gave herself the permission to live life freely. She allowed herself to start dating as she liked and when she liked. This is a strong sign of independence and a great way to draw a clear line between you and your old life. Indeed, undertaking relationships in this way can help with building confidence in your new life. This is more important than simple dating and a sense of freedom. It’s an indicator as to how you will continue pushing forwards.

Looking after your family

Everyone who has been through divorce knows that it can have wide-ranging impacts on your family too. Statistics reported by Yahoo found that many children and extended family members will be disproportionately affected by the impact of divorce. Looking after your family, and establishing healthy relationships within the context of your new, unmarried life, is an important step to undertake. It helps you and your family understand the process and allows you all to feel secure once again.

One trend underpins all of these steps. And that’s moving to assert your independence and your confidence in your new life. You can benefit your mental and emotional wellbeing by having a clean break. That can only be achieved by looking away from what you did have and greeting the future with optimism.

How can Nash & Co Solicitors In Plymouth help?

At Nash & Co Solicitors, all of our lawyers are Resolution lawyers. As a team, we’ve signed up to the Resolution Code of Practice. Therefore, the letters we write to you and the other parties are written in a way to encourage everyone to work together. We want to bring the parties together rather then pushing them further apart. This approach enables everyone to hopefully get what they want out of the settlement. At the same time, it allows both parties to move forwards with their lives, positively and with confidence.

Prescribing to Resolution is something that’s at the heart of the Nash & Co Solicitors Family law team. Indeed we stand by the importance of acting in this way. We’re well aware that your family will last way beyond the time in which your file remains open with us. So we want to help you create something workable, easy to follow and long-lasting.

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