Separation at Springtime – the contact ups and downs

Category: Children, Divorce, Family

The Easter school holiday is upon us and we are finding that separated families are again faced with contact disputes.

Holiday contact is a problem experienced by many separated families. Parents who are employed have to juggle child care with school holidays. Where co-parenting relationships are hostile, agreeing arrangements for children can bring with it upset and disruption.

It is always best to try and deal with arrangements at an early stage. Reaching agreement so that both parents can make plans around those arrangements avoids any last minute problems.

The Family Courts encourage children to have a relationship with both parents irrespective of their parents’ separation. It is the children’s right to see the other parent unless that parent poses a risk to them. The Court’s encourage foreign travel with a parent unless there is a risk of harm to them.

Flexibility is key and early thought being given to arrangements is paramount to avoid a fall out. No child wants to experience their parents falling out over plans. If you do not feel able to speak to the other parent, mediation might be a good idea for you. This is a form of alternative dispute resolution and involves negotiation and compromise. If you are finding it difficult to make arrangements or you are worried about forthcoming holiday plans or future school holiday, our special children lawyers at Nash & Co can assist you in providing advice and guidance on the options available to you.

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