Nash Life - Sophi Carroll

As a Trainee Chartered Legal Executive in our Personal Injury team, Sophi Carroll has a job she loves. But outside of work, she has an active and enviable life style!

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Sophi Carroll

Trainee Chartered Legal Executive , Personal Injury Team

“Now I live in Plymouth, there’s no way I would consider living anywhere else!”

My life in Devon

It’s 5pm on a Tuesday, I log off of my computer and head home. I pack my shoes and get in the car. Within 30 minutes, my friends and I have arrived at Sheepstor, in Dartmoor National Park. We take our mats and bags out of the car and set our eyes on some boulders. We chalk up our hands and start to climb. Around me, I am surrounded by mesmerising views and wild horses grazing with the sunset leaving a golden glow surrounding me. I look around and I think to myself Wow, I am beyond lucky to live here.

This is the reality of working in the South-West, at Nash & Co. Not only do I get to love the job I do on a day to day basis, I have been given fantastic career opportunities and I have a great work-life balance. This is something that everyone should consider when they decide where they want work.


I am currently training to be a Chartered Legal Executive, I am able to train as I go at work then leave work and go and enjoy the beautiful countryside and beaches surrounding me. Being out and about in the great outdoors, I find myself feeling happier and healthier, mentally and physically. I feel a great sense of fulfillment in both my work and personal life. If I lived in a larger city, I wouldn’t have been given the career opportunities that Nash & Co have given me, as well as living a healthy and balanced life.  On my days off, I am able to explore the local coastal paths to Bovisand or Wembury beach. I look forward to every day, in and out of work, as I feel challenged with everything that I do.

I moved to Plymouth in 2015 when I began university. Before moving, I hadn’t been able to enjoy the outdoors in the same way. Now, I would never look back. I used to go on long walks in the fields where I lived, but I never had the opportunity to consider bouldering (a type of climbing). I started bouldering on Dartmoor, at the invitation of a friend, and I caught the bug.


There’s a large and friendly climbing community in the South West, everyone you meet is welcoming and willing to help you. People travel from all over the country to come and climb on Dartmoor, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity right here on my doorstep. My favorite thing about climbing in Devon, is the respect the local climbers have for nature. The environment you climb in should never be destroyed, so that other people and animals can enjoy it the same every day.

Living in Devon, I am lucky that I can travel just 30 minutes in any direction and come across a different, yet stunning scene. As well as going to the moors, I’m able to go on camping trips down to Cornwall and on coastal walks. I’ve recently started surfing, and with some of our local beaches recognized as the best in Devon, I’m unbelievably lucky to both live and work here. I can also kayak around to secret and unreachable beaches.


Even if it’s raining outside, there are plenty of activities to do, with a wide range of local restaurants and small businesses, as well as an indoor climbing centre and the National Marine Aquarium. There is something for everyone to do, all year round.

Working in Devon is something everyone should consider, because instead of having to drive for miles and take a weeks’ holiday to enjoy yourself here, you can live and work here and do it every day of the year!