Culture at Nash & Co Solicitors

Establishing the right culture at the firm has been so important to us. It's vital that this is in place in order to continue improving not only the client experience, but the experience of everyone who works here.

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Providing exceptional client service

We employ talented and experienced people and empower them to make a difference to our clients. We believe that clear, open and swift communication is key, as is properly understanding our clients’ needs. Only when we do this, can we provide them with the very best solutions. As a firm, we’ll do everything in our power to provide clients with an exceptional client experience. And we expect everyone who works here to share our commitment.


Personal touch

We’ve built a strong reputation for being approachable, friendly and client focused. We’re pragmatic, commercially responsible, and believe in making the complex world of law, easy to understand for our clients. There’s no room for egos; we expect everyone to work together, providing our clients with the very best solutions.


Growth and development

We don’t ever want to sit still. We want to keep growing, keep improving, gaining knowledge and experience all the time. We provide our clients with the very best solutions. But we can only do this by constantly offering opportunities for our people to develop and learn.


Making a difference

We don’t just work in and around Plymouth. We live here too. So, we do all that we can to support those living in our community who need our help. We actually won an international award recently for the scale and impact of our corporate social responsibility.

We’re also aware of our responsibilities and act on them in order to reduce our impact on the environment.