The Work

What's it like working at Nash & Co Solicitors? What are workloads like and are there opportunities to work flexibly?

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Our teams

We are not looking for “lone wolves”; we work as a team, both across the firm and within specialities.  Our team structure ensures that our clients always receive the service that they deserve, but, as importantly, it enables our staff to receive the support that they might need as their careers develop.  Within our teams, everyone’s voice matters: legal issues are often complicated without one obvious answer, by working collaboratively and listening to differing views from team members, we can ensure that our advice is not only accurate, but pragmatic as well.

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Quality of work

Many of our teams are recognised as leaders in their fields and the quality of their work reflects this.  Whilst the type of work that each of our teams carry out varies, our commitment to client service ensures that the instructions that the firm receives are of good quality.  We take great pride in the fact that we punch far above our weight in the quality of advice that we provide and that this has led to a client base which would not look out of place at a national law firm.


Client service

We’re all about making a real difference to every person and every business that we work with. We’ve established a superb reputation for putting client experience at the very top of our priorities.

Providing the very best client service is not only a huge priority for us as a firm, it must be for you too.


Opportunities to work flexibly

We believe that people do their best work when they feel supported and valued. We also understand that not everyone needs to be in the office all day every day. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from the COVID pandemic, it’s the benefits involved in working more flexibly for those who it suits most.


Realistic targets

If you live in Devon or Cornwall or are considering relocating here, it is important that you actually get to enjoy the fantastic lifestyle that the South West offers.  As such, we don’t put in place ludicrous or unachievable targets.  There is no doubt that we expect our lawyers to work hard, but we don’t expect their work to take over their lives, so we encourage our staff to average five hours of chargeable time a day and to switch off at the end of it.


Business development and events

The firm has a great reputation for organising quality events for clients, business referrers and the wider business community. We typically welcome attendees from across the region. We encourage our lawyers to get involved in these, and other business development activities that the firm organises. One of our more popular events is our Business Cycle Network, which we run once a month and invite clients, referrers and other contacts along for a ride first thing in the morning followed by discussions over breakfast.

There’s a thriving business community in the area, with good quality networking and lead generating events.

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