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Whether you’re interested in purchasing an investment property or you need advice on commercial leases either as a tenant or a landlord, the team at Nash & Co Solicitors in Plymouth can help you.

Investing in commercial property and any commercial lease transaction is a complex business which draws on many aspects of law. We routinely advise landlords, tenants and property investment businesses in relation to their commercial property issues and holdings, across the office, retail, leisure and industrial sectors.

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“Our team blends professional ability and integrity with a close working knowledge of property market conditions in the South West. We provide a comprehensive service for our investment and commercial landlord or tenant clients – whatever the market conditions.”
Nick Winslet, Partner

How we can help with Commercial Leases

Commercial leases can be complicated documents. With many elements to consider, it’s crucial that both landlords and tenants fully understand the terms outlined. Our experienced Commercial Property team can help you navigate these issues.

We can help you renegotiate or amend contracts and draft commercial leases to ensure your interests are protected. Over the years, we have worked with landlords and tenants of all sizes. Our experience means we have the knowledge and skill to deliver practical and commercially sensible advice.

Additionally, our team can provide expert and practical advice on a wide variety of projects. These include investment properties and commercial leases, regardless of your portfolio’s size. We’ve previously worked with a wide range of clients, from those who have made single property investments to those with a complex and diverse portfolio. We have a breadth of experience, including office buildings, workshops, entire industrial estates and housing developments.

Why choose Nash & Co Solicitors?

Our Commercial Property solicitors regularly deal with acquisitions and disposals of investment property. This includes both multi-let and single unit assets. Our team deal with all transactions relating to commercial leases. We work on a comparatively wide range of matters, such as granting or taking new commercial leases. In addition, we deal with existing leases (including assignments, subletting or variations) and granting or taking renewal leases.

We also undertake all asset management matters relating to landlord and tenant matters. This includes licences to alter, surrenders, rent deposits and guarantee agreements. Correspondingly, we provide support in connection with property disputes and disputes over commercial leases. We can also assist with service of break notices right through to dilapidations claims.

We recognise just how vital prompt action and quick response times are to our clients. This approach is essential in an industry burdened by complex legislation. Consequently, our property lawyers are always accessible to our clients; all maintain direct dial telephone numbers. We’ll therefore provide you with a principal point of contact, whose role will be to manage the relationship.

As no two retail and investment portfolios are the same, and circumstances vary widely, we recommend that you contact the Commercial Property Team to discuss your requirements. We’ll be able to answer your immediate questions, and we will work with you from there. We aim to protect our clients from unnecessary risk, offer legal solutions for the most complex arrangements. We resolve client issues through practical commercial legal advice at a cost which represents good value for money.

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