Boundary Disputes

Unfortunately, boundary disputes are a common occurrence. We are frequently instructed after a dispute has escalated beyond a client’s control, often due to the animosity that has arisen between neighbours.

Boundary disputes are usually perceived to be black and white. However, the position is generally more nuanced, requiring a clear and pragmatic approach to the legal position whilst understanding the parties wider objectives. Boundary disputes can be stressful, costly, and drawn out, often only coming to light during a sale or planning application. Our experience has been that the sooner advice is taken the more likely an agreement can be reached or the position otherwise determined without parties incurring unnecessary costs.”
Ceren Fox

What is the process involved?

Boundaries can change over time. Therefore, when a dispute arises over a land boundary it is necessary to review a range of evidence including the land registry plan, title deeds and plans, subsequent agreements and changes in the land. All of these play an important factor in determining the boundary although sometimes it can be agreed between the parties.

What experience do we have with Boundary Disputes?

Our team has a wealth of experience in advising on a range of boundary disputes, including disputes over the extent of a land title, party wall disputes, disagreements over easements and trespass. We are able to act for both commercial and residential clients.

What next?

If you are experiencing a boundary dispute please contact Ceren Fox in the Commercial Dispute Resolution team. She will be more than happy to help. You can reach Ceren on 01752 827120 or email her on [email protected] You can also request a callback by completing our contact form.

We are sensitive to the fact that boundary disputes can be stressful and aim to provide straight forward, pragmatic advice.