Do you need help in enforcing a court judgement to reclaim monies owed? Has a debtor failed to make ordered payments? Here at Nash & Co Solicitors, our team are on hand to offer our clients pragmatic advice on enforcement and how best to recover the sums they’re rightfully due.

Our dispute resolution team regularly advises both businesses and individuals on how to enforce judgments. Clients often think that obtaining judgment on a debt automatically means the monies being paid. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. This is where we can help.

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“An unpaid judgment is of no value in itself. It only means that a creditor is being kept from their money. Therefore, it’s important to understand the options available so that recovery can be quick and effective.”
Jamie Carr, Head of Commercial Dispute Resolution Team

Enforcement methods

If a debtor has a CCJ entered against them, the creditor can take steps to enforce the judgement immediately. There are various ways and means to enforce a judgment. The most appropriate approach will depend on the circumstances of your case. We will consider criteria such as the debtor’s amount, the need for cash payment and the information known about the debtor’s affairs. Nash & Co Solicitors’ commercial lawyers are well versed in bringing actions for most forms of enforcement, including:

  • Warrants of control
  • Writs of control
  • Attachment of earnings orders
  • Orders to obtain information
  • Charging orders
  • Third party debt orders

Enforcement bears some risks. Therefore, it’s essential to understand them before proceeding with enforcing a judgement. A necessary element of enforcement work is to be clear and pragmatic on the chances of recovering the debt. If the debtor has no assets, there is unlikely to be value in expending the time and costs in chasing the debt. For this reason, we will work with you to understand the risks. The team will provide an assessment of recovery from the outset. As we progress, the evaluation will be updated if and when further information comes to light.

Using our decades of experience with similar cases, we’ll always recommend the most appropriate form of enforcement for your circumstances. As a result, we never advise a client to throw money at a judgment, when realistically they will never recover it.

How we can help

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We have experience in enforcing judgments – both large and small – for businesses of all sizes. Over the years, we’ve worked with companies of all sizes throughout the South West – including sole traders, start-ups, SMEs and large corporations. Our previous clients have come from many different industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and retail.

With our open approach, we will provide you with pragmatic and honest advice at every stage. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your options or find out how we can help you. We’ll advise you on the costs and process of enforcement.

Contact us

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