Building Our Relationship With Shekinah

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Here at Nash & Co Solicitors we continue to build our relationship with Shekinah Misson. We have recently hired Shekinah’s Painting and Maintenance team to repaint the outside of our iconic Beaumont House building. Shekinah’s team engage with those who have experienced homelessness, criminality, addiction, mental health issues or are ex-service personnel. The team offer on-the-job training, personal development, and significant work experience; the end goal is to provide support and assistance into future employment for those people. There are currently five employees that have come through this route, and it has enabled them to create some positive changes in their lives.

Why Did We Choose Shekinah?

We have had the pleasure of building our relationship with Shekinah over the years through our community links. Here at Nash & Co, we have always strongly supported giving back to the community. Now more than ever, charities need our support. So, when Andy Kebby from Shekinah, mentioned the Painting and Maintenance team, we couldn’t think of a better way to go forward. Working with Shekinah, allows us to support the community, but also allows them to continue the brilliant work they do. They help support those who have experienced life difficulties and create new opportunities for them in Plymouth’s future job market.

With the support from Director of MW Access Scaffolding, the scaffolding was up and ready for the project to start this week. We cannot wait to see the finished product.

About Our Beautiful Home

Beaumont House is a rare survivor in the inner city area of Plymouth. The house was built in the 1800’s. Originally home to a solicitor before then being left to Plymouth Corporation and being turned into a museum in 1898. Subsequently, it become home to a Medical Officer of Health, a chest clinic under the NHS and then returned to the Plymouth Corporation. In the 1980’s Graham Tyson’s company undertook much needed work to renovate the building. Nash & Co then moved into the property in 1992.