Building Brands – what is it all about and why should you come?

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Building Brands, a new conference for marketing professionals living in the South West, will take place in Plymouth on the 25th March, 2020. With a fantastic line-up of speakers, partners and tickets selling very quickly, the event has really captured the attention of those working in the industry.

But what exactly is it, and who should come?

Well, It does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s an industry event for those working in marketing or brand related jobs in the South West. Because of the geography, those booking tickets so far, come predominantly from Devon and Cornwall, but we have several coming from Taunton and Bristol too.

It initially came about after the marketing team here at Nash & Co Solicitors attended a similar event in Bristol in 2019. Travelling back from the event, we had a think and couldn’t think of anything like it, based in Devon and Cornwall. We’re constantly having to travel to other parts of the UK for events like this, so had a chat and decided to start our own!

As well as cutting down travel time, the other major benefit that we found attending Digital Gaggle in Bristol was that although the 3 of us all listened to the same talks, we took very different things away from the conference. We had the idea that we wanted to keep the cost of our event as low as possible, so that rather than just one person attending, their whole team could come. It definitely helps having the event close by, reducing the expense and time to travel, but if we can make it as convenient and cheap as possible, hopefully more people can attend.

We’ve put a lot into the planning and organisation of the event, and now we’re just really looking forward to the day itself.

On the back of this first event, we’re talking to a few people about some other very exciting plans for the area, and we hope to have more news on that in the near future.  

So, why should you come to Building Brands?


The most important aspect of events like this is what you can learn. This is your opportunity to become a sponge! We have some great speakers – people who have been there and done it, and they’ve probably got the t-shirt too. Talking at the event, we’ve got a good mix of people who have done the work, and people who can help you do it in the future. And it’s all going to be held together by the very capable hands of Andy Cooper, editor of Devon Life. At the end of the day, we’ll have an open question and answer session, with all the speakers involved. So, whether it’s a new technology, process, or simply the opportunity to gain knowledge from others, we can’t recommend enough that you come with an open mind, willing to learn.

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One of the largest benefits of attending an industry conference like this is the opportunity to meet and network with individuals that can become valuable resources – not only for referrals, but learning what works for them, how they’ve done things, and how it’s worked out. Yes, there will be some of your competitors in the same room, but it’s more about collaborating rather than competing when you meet people at these types of events. You also never know just who you’re going to meet. Are you looking to recruit someone, or are you even looking for a new opportunity yourself?

What’s Next

There’s so much “stuff” floating about on the internet – 10 reasons to do this, 15 tips to help you do that, XYZ is what you really need in the future, etc. You can only read so many things without it all blending together. While there are some fantastic supplemental materials around, getting an in-depth, in person, front row seat at Building Brands or another similar event can spark inspiration and plans that can allow you to get ahead of the crowd. Opportunities like this, particularly in digital marketing, can really help make the difference between success or failure.

Get Help!

Meeting others within your industry at an event that encourages collaboration, such as Building Brands, can allow you to meet someone that has the answer or a suggestion that can trigger the start of a plan or even a solution to that problem that’s bugging you for ages. Whether it’s a panel, Q&A session, or introducing yourself to the person sitting next to you, we’d strongly recommend that you follow up any and all introductions. This can really be an invaluable opportunity to get answers or guidance.

One last bit of advice…

If you haven’t got your ticket yet, don’t wait too long. Tickets this week have been selling like hot cakes. If you know someone who is planning on coming or even someone you think might benefit from attending, then please encourage them to get their tickets soon. We’re already 2/3rds full, and still have over 2 months to go!

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