Cycle Network Guidelines

We ask that anyone considering taking part in the Cycle Network, reads and familiarises themselves with our following guidelines.

There is a ink at the bottom of the page to register for the Cycle Network.

Equipment and Kit

  • Check the weather forecast before we ride and bring suitable clothing for the conditions. If the weather doesn’t look great, bring trainers, t-shirt and shorts etc, as we will likely be using the Spin Studio at Nuffield Health instead of going out on the road.
  • As the west country is often hilly, and we will not be off-road, please use a road bike. A light hybrid may be suitable. TT bikes and use of tri-bars will not usually be appropriate for group riding.
  • We will provide you with a route prompt card and on the back will include a space for you to include your emergency contact details. Please keep this with you at all times on the ride.
  • Please ensure you have a filled drinking bottle with you, at least one spare inner tube, tyre levers and a pump in case of a puncture.

Rider Guide & Etiquette

  • Cycle helmets are mandatory and the ride is for over 18s only.
  • Please try and arrive on time to hear the safety briefing as there may be changes to the route or planned rides.
  • Please let us know if you would like to volunteer to be the “sweeper”. The sweeper stays at the back and helps slower riders and can help with punctures and so on.
  • Ensure that you are medically fit to take part in the ride. If you are not feeling at your best or have a slight injury, please make the ride leader aware.
  • We will obey all the laws and rules of the road as if we were in a vehicle; for example we will obey red lights. On some roads we will ride 2 abreast but if the leader or sweeper calls, we will go into single file.
  • If you wish to leave the group before the ride is completed ensure that you have notified the leader.
  • Before the ride, you need to ensure that your bike is in good order with working brakes and tyres pumped up. A standard pump will be available at the start and finish, and water to fill up your bottles.
  • If the group splits, please wait at the top of a hill or at the next junction to regroup, but only where it is safe to do so, having other road users in mind.
  • Do not ride up the inside of other riders and alert others when overtaking them by calling out.
  • Our calls are:
    “Clear” to indicate a road junction is safe to cross.
    “On the right/left” to indicate you are approaching a slower rider on that flank.
    “Car up” will be called by the leader where the car is approaching the group from the front. Please pass on the call to riders behind you.
    “Car back” will be called by the sweeper where the car is approaching the group from behind. Please pass on the call to riders in front of you
  • “Slowing/Stopping” if you don’t have time to make a hand signal and need to brake sharply.
  • All cyclists are reminded that it’s their responsibility to ensure that their bike and equipment are well maintained, safe and fit for purpose. Cyclists must also ensure that at all times, they ride safely, in accordance with the published guidelines, and according to the road safety laws.